The Cherrycroft Practice

The Cherrycroft Practice is an established independent practice providing a clinical psychology service and other therapies to families in Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire since 2013.

Growing up can be hard for some children and young people who might struggle with anxiety, anger, low mood, low self-esteem and behavioral problems. These problems often affect the family and sometimes the young person’s performance at school. At Cherrycroft we start by assessing the problem; that is we try to understand the problem bringing together the families knowledge and experience of the problem and our understanding of psychological theory, skills and clinical experience. Sometimes just understanding what is going on can be a relief for young people and their families. Then we create a plan together with the intervention which is most likely to be helpful. Monitoring progress is important to us.


What we offer

Psychological assessment and therapeutic work – with children, young people and their families
Consultation – to parents, foster carers and adoptive parents, Kinship carers, social workers, residential care workers, teachers and other professionals
Training – for social workers, foster carers/carers, parents, teaching staff and other professionals