For Schools

Most children are educated in school and so Teaching staff are likely to encounter children and young people with a range of social, emotional (anxiety, low mood, anger and so on) and behavioural difficulties which will impact on their behaviour in the classroom and their ability to learn.

At the Cherrycroft Practice we work with young people and their networks experiencing these sorts of problems.


Types of Assessment:

We offer a variety of different assessments depending on what’s needed. Including:

  • Psychology assessment
  • Occupational Therapy assessment
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Types of therapists and therapies:

  • Psychology
  • Art Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Therapeutic packages

  • Direct work: We can work with the child or young person directly
  • Social Skills groups – we run the Talkabout¬†social skills programmes in groups (in school) or individually (in the clinic)
  • Occupational therapy workshops around handwriting, and sensory integration
  • Consultations – one-off or ad-hoc consultations
  • Training – on specific topics like Sensory integration, attachment and complex trauma
  • Coaching for children with ADHD
  • Mental health and wellbeing workshops for junior and senior school children in school or in the clinic