For Social Services



There are several types of consultation packages:

  • Consultations for Adoptive and foster families: Consultations can be a cost-effective way of helping more adoptive and foster families with less financial resources. This package has been trialled with a Local Authority and it seems to work well where families are given three consultations sessions for one focus child and an additional session for each additional child. These sessions help the family gain a better understanding of the child’s difficulties and strategies of how to cope with difficult behaviour or concerns. Consultations sessions are once a month and three families are seen in one day
  • One-off or once a month consultation sessions for Social workers, residential workers and other professionals to consider the needs of children or young people or what constitutes therapeutic care in residential settings


Training can be one-off workshops on a particular topic or a block of workshops or a particular course. Topics could include:

  • Introduction to complex trauma/attachment difficulties (for professionals and carers/parents)
  • 12-week attachment-based parenting course for adoptive parents and foster carers
  • How to manage young people with attachment difficulties in school
  • Dealing with anger and aggressive behaviour
  • Anxiety and attachment difficulties
  • Building self esteem and resilience
  • Sensory integration


It can be useful to gain an understanding of a child/young person’s functioning and strategies to manage concerns or difficult behaviour. The shape of the assessment depends on what is needed, but they typically include:

  • Reading of background documents
  • Professionals meeting
  • Session with the foster carer/residential key worker or adoptive parent
  • Sessions with the child/young person
  • A family session (if applicable)
  • Questionnaire measures
  • Report

Types of Assessment:

We offer a variety of different assessments depending on what’s needed. Including:

  • Psychology assessment
  • Occupational Therapy assessment
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Types of therapists and therapies:

  • Psychology
  • Art Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Therapeutic packages

Our therapeutic packages are developed based on the assessment. We offer a range of therapies including OT, Psychology, Play Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Art Therapy amongst others. Sometimes young people receive several types of therapeutic input, for example, they may first attend OT and then attachment-based therapeutic support.

Our therapy packages for complex trauma tend of have the following elements:

  • Specialist attachment-based parenting support
  • Parent/carer – child/young person therapy or individual therapy as appropriate
  • Review and professionals meetings

Collaborative working

At Cherrycroft, we are very much in favour of working together to support complex young people and their families and so we are happy to build bespoke packages of support to give young people the best possible outcomes.

Summer holiday groups

We run different therapeutic summer holiday groups for children and a separate group for teens. For example, ‘Walk in the Woods’ with our Art therapist. These sessions are usually a couple of hours. They are great fun and a chance for connection!