ADHD Assessments

Please note, we are currently not taking new referrals for ADHD Assessments but we do offer post ADHD support 

ADHD is a behavioural disorder which has key areas of difficulty – inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. Children and young people often struggle to pay attention in school and this can affect their learning and their self esteem. It can also be hard to parent a child or teenager who is hyper and impulsive.

ADHD assessments can be done by the NHS with a referral from your GP, however the wait times are currently extreme, with 2+ years not being uncommon.

We offer comprehensive ADHD assessments across two stages:

Stage 1: Initial Assessment £400

  • Initial discussion with senior assistant psychologist to get family background and assess areas of concern, and ensure that an ADHD assessment is appropriate for you
  • ADHD computerised assessment using QB Check – this is a 15- or 20-minute computerised task (age dependent) measuring ADHD-specific features
  • Range of ADHD questionnaires to be completed by parents and school, assessing ADHD-specific features
  • Outcomes are analysed by a clinical psychologist and an initial report will be written

Stage 1 will allow us to confirm an ADHD/ADD diagnosis. If diagnosis confirmed, we will refer you to our in-house psychiatrist for Stage 2.

Stage 2: Psychiatric Assessment £500

  • Detailed assessment with in-house psychiatrist (currently over zoom)
  • Discussion of appropriate medication (if applicable and requested by family), including different types of medication and side effects
  • Once agreed, the psychiatrist will post initial private medication prescription (medication costs to be covered by family when picked up at pharmacy)
  • Letter will be sent to GP to initiate repeat prescription of medication
  • Full assessment report, including psychiatrist and clinical psychologist opinions and recommendations

Follow-up Appointments £300

  • If required: follow up with psychiatrist to discuss drug effects / side effects possibly adjust/change medication (currently via Zoom)
  • Before follow up: height, weight and blood pressure needs to be reassessed (at Cherrycroft Practice) to check if drugs affected physiological measures
  • Updated psychiatrist report, if required
  • If medication adjusted: Updated letter to GP to change prescription

After Care

If the child or young person receives a diagnosis then parents are invited to a group session for parents around how to parent a child with ADHD and the child is invited to a session to help them understand the diagnosis.