Introduction to Sensory Integration Interventions

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Introduction to Sensory Integration Interventions
7 June 2021 10:00am
7 June 2021 12:00pm
Melanie Mickelwright
18 May 2021
We will be running a workshop series on the introduction to the Sensory Integration therapy and Sensory Attachment Integration Therapy. There has been quite a demand for a greater understanding of sensory integration and how this can affect children and young people’s daily functioning and so we have decided to run this workshop series.
Sensory Integration is about how our brains receives and processes information that it gets from different parts of our bodies so that we can function in our daily lives. If the brain is not able to integrate and process sensory information in an optimal way this can get in the way of living daily lives. There are a variety of reasons why children may struggle with sensory integration, for example, some young people may have ASD or ADHD. Children and young people who have experienced attachment disruptions and early trauma often struggle with sensory integration. For example they may be hypervigilant or hyper or they may struggle to get going.
Occupational Therapists complete additional qualifications in Sensory Integration/ Sensory Attachment Integration Therapy. We are fortunate to have a highly experienced Paediatric OT, Catherine Elsey, working with us and she will be facilitating these workshops . Catherine has worked in the NHS, in a specialist educational provision and in private practice. She is highly regarded in this area of work.
Workshop 1Introduction to the theory behind sensory integration therapy and sensory attachment interventions
Who should attend: Parents, Teaching staff, Social Workers – free to families who are accessing Cherrycroft service or whose referrals have been accepted
In this workshop Catherine will  provide participants with the underlying theory. These ‘thinking tools’ are very useful when trying to understand why a child is dysregulating and how you might be able to help them. This workshop must be attended before participating in the either or both of the following two workshops as Workshop 1 provides an brief overview of the underpinning theory.