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Teenagers’ Art Workshop

A fun-filled art making workshop to help teens explore their creativity and experiment together. You don’t have to be artistic. You just need to be up for some fun!

This workshop aims to build social relationships, communication and connection in a creative way. Supporting the confidence building in a relaxed environment.

Planned for school Summer holidays 2024

Please email us for further details –

Art in Nature – a workshop for families

Come along to the woods and learn how to be creative and playful together in nature! You will be guided by our Art Therapist Cecilie. This workshop is designed to help all families members, whatever their age, to open up imagination and creativity in the natural environment.

Learn how to make art with natural found objects without the need for art materials. You will learn techniques you can use at home. This is a great way to build a connection with nature and also with each other whilst having a lot of fun!

When: School summer holidays 2024 – date to be confirmed

Please contact us for further details

OT workshop series: Practical Introduction to Sensory Integration and Sensory Attachment 2024

SI (1)

This workshop provides a brief introduction to the theory and knowledge underpinning the sensory integration for children and young people who are experiencing complex developmental trauma. It is presented by our highly talented Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Catherine Elsey. There are three workshops in this series. The workshops are designed to provide practical ideas for helping children and young people with their sensory needs. They are aimed at parents and carers, social workers and schools. Everyone attending must commit to attending at least the first workshop and this workshop must be attended to participate in workshops 2 and 3.

Workshop 1: A brief overview of the principles underpinning sensory integration

Workshop 2: Applying the principles at home

Workshop 3: Application of the principles at school

Venue: Online

Dates for 2024 to be published soon

Please express your interest by emailing