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14 January 2020

Introductory Workshops – Sensory Integration/Sensory Attachment Integration Model

Many of the adopted and looked after children and young people who come to Cherrycroft struggle with sensory integration and attachment issues. Our highly experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Catherine Elsey will be providing this series of workshops for a second time. During the first workshop Catherine introduces us to the underlying model in a highly accessible way. We welcome parents/carers, Post Adoption Social Workers and Teachers to this workshop. For the second workshop Catherine focuses on regulation strategies in the home and we ask parents/carers and post adoption Social Workers to attend. During the final workshop Catherine will focus on regulation strategies in the school setting and we ask that parents/carers and teachers attend this workshop. We ask that participants commit to at least two of the workshops and attendance at the first workshop is requisite.

14 January 2020 5pm to 6.45pm Introduction to Sensory integration theory

28 January 2020; 5pm to 6.45pm Keeping children and young people regulated at home

11 February 2020 5pm to 6.45pm Keeping children and young people regulated at school

For further details and to book please contact groups@cherrycroft.pro



Start: 14 January 2020 5:00pm
End: 14 January 2020 7:00pm
Venue: Cherrycroft Practice